Music to run to. What are your best running songs?

Recently I’ve been looking at lots of running blogs and forums to get some ideas of what people are listening to whilst out running.

It seems however, that the jury is still out on whether “true” runners should even be listening to music whilst pounding the pavement (or sidewalk).

I think this is complete nonsense.  Surely you do whatever you must to allow you to have a good run.   For me, that means having some encouraging tunes on my iPod Shuffle!

What I'm using - iPod Shuffle

Trying to find inspiration for what to listen to is difficult as it is really down to the individual.  I know people who listen to (very) heavy metal, and some that listen to classical music.  Each to their own I say!  Different speeds require different BPM’s.

But if you found this post, looking for inspiration; here are some of the songs I am listening to whilst running (with Spotify links).  I find they help me through difficult runs and more often, they seem to be the same ones.

That’s just a few for now.  Please leave your recommendations below in the comments box.  A link to Spotify would be helpful too so we can all enjoy it easily!

3 thoughts on “Music to run to. What are your best running songs?”

  1. Could not resist to reply to this one! 😉

    You should definitely look at Polarkreis 18 and their album Polarkreis 18. Song called Comes Around is good for warm up, and once you got into it pump up your ears with Dreamdancer and finish yourself with Look.

    Spotify – spotify:search:Polarkreis+18

    Helped me to push my personal best, although I must say that sometimes I enjoy running without listening to songs as well.

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