What a pain in the soleus

Leg muscles
Leg muscles

OK, so the running has stopped.  After a weekend with a hectic schedule, I couldn’t find that hidden hour in the day to run.

Then it turns out that resting was what I hadn’t done enough of.  Why?  Because that slight pain in the soleus that I always had in my right leg from the Heritage Coastal run really took grip.  I mean REALLY.

I’ve been able to run through my aches and pains and never really feel anything from it.  But allowing the body to stop, and go “Yep, something’s up here, we need to fix this”  means that now, I even limp when I walk.

Things seem to be getting a little better.  Mr Ladley has been offering advice on soleus stretches which I’ve been attempting in the office and at home.

What surprised me the most, was the sheer feeling of disappointment and upset I felt when it slowly dawned on me that I wasn’t going to take part in the 5 mile Great Bentley race.  I still went along to watch my wife run.  (She did very well!)  But I was saddened to not to be able to run.

So, I’ve learnt the lesson of running the hard way.  Never again will I make the following errors (which I am sure contributed to my injury):

  • Shitty old trainers (if they looked knackered, get a new pair)
  • If you feel a pain – take note.  Resting early will ensure you recover quickly
  • Increase steadily in distance (I jumped from doing 5 miles to 8/9 miles way too quickly.  Don’t do it.)

Of course, I’m not attributing science to any of the above.  Its common sense and its from my experience.

What next?  Well, tomorrow see’s my first appointment with a physio.  I’ve not been before; but I will be sure to take all advice onboard, and continue to rest.  The annoying thing being that so many race offers have come my way, and I don’t want to decline them all.  I want to be back out there running!

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  1. Hey Brighty, I am fairly new to running (months) and just started to feel some discomfort in my soleus, so did a search to find out why. Anyhow, I very quickly came to your blog and thought is that the Brighty that I know, and when you mentioned Ladley … well thanks for this blog. Susan x

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